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Story of James Barnett

I found a love of writing from a very young age. But as we all know life can throw you in a rabbit hole and sometimes you just have to tuck and roll. Being raised in an Air Force family allowed me to travel the country and see all of the nooks and crannies that Australia has to offer.

Leaving home at 17 also brought its challenges, but also shaped the person I was to become and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Now, after thirty-something years of life experience that ranges from working in a butcher as a cleaner to driving forklifts, and now as a transport manager, I have decided to pursue my childhood dream of being a writer and an audio storyteller.

Always a fan of the macabre, in literature, audio, and film, I hope to explore all aspects of dark speculative fiction, but not limit myself to it.

I currently also release a weekly fiction podcast. I use this as a platform to feature emerging writers from around the world. HERE

I also have a second podcast, After the Gloaming, of which there is a complete first season out now. This is a gothic horror fiction anthology podcast that has a wraparound audio drama story. HERE

I am also a regular narrator and audio producer on Hawk and Cleaver's The Other Stories. It's really fantastic being part of that team. They really do all push me to be better at my craft and are all such a bunch of talented people.


I am also a voice-over artist and have featured on some of the most popular Horror podcasts around. I have plans to write a full audio drama based in Australia.

(Coming Soon)


On this site, you can follow along as I pursue this journey and I hope you do.

Thank you for being here.

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